Sunday, 31 August 2014






今早,我们又旧地重游,吃板面去 <3 

让我舍不得的,还有我家的汪汪呢!它外表虽然看起来依然神气十足,但有谁知道,其实,它已老了?七年了,我看着它长大!老人家总说, 狗的一岁,是人的七岁。那么算一算,它也四十九岁了,比我还大呢!我希望,待我再次回来后,它依旧是蹦蹦跳跳的。



1. 做事,不要总是都少一根筋,凡事要加油,不要给自己太大的压力啊!
2. 脾气脾气, 它总是我的死穴!脾气好点,好好管管自己的脾气,你才有本事管管其他的事。
3. 永远记得,不止要study hard, 也要play hard, 重要的是要懂得study smart! 
4. 凡是,都记得让着别人。退一步海阔天空啊!

最后,祝我一路顺风。凡事加油!ALL THE BEST ;)

Friday, 15 August 2014

my new chapter of life

From the previous post, I've mentioned that i will be going for an interview and i did. My interviewer is the head of medical and he is quite strict. However, after one day, i got my result! i am being selected as one of the candidates. I never expected that my cosway boss and Miss Tan were happier than i was.

However, the feelings of happiness were soon faded. I can understand that my parents are not rich people like my friends' parents To be honest, i never expect too much from them. But then, what i was hoping was at least, they would treat me to eat something nice. However, they didn't. My father didn't congratulate me. It was like nothing has happened.

Sadness fills my soul. Can't they understand how many efforts that i have paid off to succeed in life? When i was small, i used to be despised by many people, even relatives, just because of poverty! I vowed to myself that I, Chew Jie, will study hard, get a good job and provide my family with a comfortable life. 

And of course, getting the course successfully doesn't mean that i have succeeded in my life. It is just a door which lead to my runway, a new chapter of my life. It may be tough, what i have to do is to take them as challenges from god. Cross your finger and pray that everything will be alright. 

My new chapter of life will start in the September. All the best! Break a leg yea! :D

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

missing you

I still can clearly remember the last day when he went to India. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my friend, Wei Wei, who was willing to go to airport to spend a night at there with me.

Time flies, it has been almost half year or maybe more than half year. The feeling of missing is never faded and is increasing day by day. He is studying his course at India and is quite busy. What we used to do were whatapps, fb and skype.

To be honest, i miss him a lot. Tomorrow i'll get my result and the course that i'm going to study. The good news is HE'S COMING BACK! can you imagine how elated i am when i knew the news? However, life doesn't always go smoothly like what we want. When he is back, i'll be leaving to KL for further study. Ya, i laugh when i heard this. There are thousands of whys.

Why god want to joke with me?
Why uni wants to reopen when he is back?
Why can't i meet him, even only for once?

No one can answer.

Maybe, it is challenge for us. Long distance relationship is never prefect, but i believe it will be on someday.
What it wants to be, let it be, we will meet again on someday.

Life is a like playing puzzle, we will not always pick the correct one, but it will be completed on someday.
And i'm waiting for the day we meet.

Bless us :)