Sunday, 11 March 2012

NCO course at Pendang Lake Resort


Yeah, i reached kolej school at 11.30am together with Jasy :)
At 12 noon, the journey started ,the bus headed to Pendang Lake Resort.

It took about 20 minutes to reach the destination.

An officer asked us to wear full uniform. Without further ado, we rushed to the toilet. Lau Ee Ching, a girl who wore adult uniform took the longest time in the toilet together with Peh Pei Fong.

After taking our attendance, we headed to the hall.

It was time for "ceramah", I HATE THE MOST! very boring...
To make time passed faster, i started my drawing :)

4.15-6.00pm, it was time for matching. All of us surprised to find out that the timing and the ways the other schools kawad were totally different from us =.=

6.00-7.30pm, yeah! it was happy time for us, especially pei fong, who had starved for more than 5 hours. When reaching the dorm, i was the first who rushed into bathroom to book toilet. *siasui-ing =.=

 the dorm

 and the bathroom :)

After having our dinner, we continued our "ceramah" :'(
Because TOO BORING, we started observing people.

the back sight of this little boy is similar to Gan Shan Hong :p

the hair style of this boy is similar to Low Cheng Sheng xD

At 11pm, the "ceramah" ended and we went back to our dorm. After bathing and having supper, it was time to call it a day, GOOD NIGHT EVERYONE :)


Me, pei fong, ee ching and huey sha  ---> this four crazy people woke up at 4am, reasons? BOOK TOILET! AGAIN! KIA SU xD

After bathing, we slept again ---> TOTALLY CRAZY!

Same as yesterday, the schedule was full of "ceramah" , which made me kept "fishing" in the class.

The night was different from yesterday, we were having kara-ok =.=
The officers were singing at the stage and we were the audiences Zzz..

At 12.00 midnight, all people were studying, included me, because we would be having a test by tomorrow.
My eyes stared at the papers, but my brain ran BLANK! T__T


A nervous day.
All people were holding their own notes and studying.

After lunch, we sat in the hall for examination. Our school members were separated and we can't cheat in the exam! :(
Haiz...  i scared i failed my exam T.T

After exam, we went back to our dorm. Pei fong, Karen, Jasy and i took a short walk around the area. We discovered something that very interesting :)

scene of  Pendang Lake Resort

After having lunch, it was time for us to go home.
But then, there was a sudden spot-check. Someone's handset was being stolen!

Finally, the officer found out the "thief". I was glad that the boy got back his iPad. :)

It was time for me to bid farewell...