Thursday, 27 September 2012

Program Sedar SPM 2012

My school had held a program which we called Program Sedar SPM 2012. It was a four days three nights camp. Most of the students were so unhappy when they received the news, including me, because we thought that it was very boring and wasting our times.

At the first day of our camp. We went to there by bus. When we reached the destination, we were gathering at lobby. At there, teachers started to group students into specific groups so that to stay in the same room. At first, i was grouped with hoi chin, yun tong and cui lin. But then, we exchanged the room by ourselves, so i stayed with pei fong, shi qian, yuen ming and jia yee. 

The ceramah for teknik menjawab SPM was very boring. To make the time passed easier, we played the games on phones, ipod and iphone. My friend, yuen ming, always bring along her charger no matter where she went so that she could maintain the life of the battery. OMG, she almost charged her phones more than 5 times in one day!

The activity we liked the most was beriadah. All the activities were very challenging and almost resembled the activities did by PLKN trainers . It was also a chance for me to practice all those activities before i go to PLKN after taking my SPM (although i am not really want to go). The activities were very challenging and adventurous. I liked them so much! So did other students. 

The food that we ate there were quite delicious and finger-licking good. We had our meals 5 times in a day. As a result, i gained weight (i think). Although most of the food were curry but they fulfilled  my appetite. The food i like the most was barbecue. I ate three pieces of chickens! 

The last day before we went home, we decided to take a chance to go to the swimming pool. I almost have two year didn't swim already. The depth of the pool was not too deep so it was not dangerous for us. We enjoyed ourselves very much.

For me, this program didn't help me too much in my studies but it gave me a lot of fun! Staying with friends in the same room, always fighting with each others before we went into the toilet, having chit-chat until midnight and etc. Whenever these memories flash across my mind, i feel very happy and nice because it was an unforgettable memories and experiences for me.

30 more days before SPM is coming. So, after enjoying myself for such a long period, it is time for me to be back to my normal student life. :)