Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A letter to my bestie


  Whenever i think of you, the sentence that floats in my mind is "I am Han Min but i never hanbin".The room G401 was not as boisterous as before after you and Yu Han left.

  Human will never appreciate what they have until things they have are gone and this had happened to me. I can still clearly remember that you were always scolded by me because of your nagging. But now, i can't use to my life without your nagging.

  It is very obviously that many people do not want you to go to IPG and want you to stay at UPM. Your classmate Rebecca miss you so much. How heartless are you to leave Rebecca behind  and now she is the only chinese girl in her class without your accompaniment.

  Although the time that you stayed at UPM was short, but you have left many sweet memories to us.

 After seeing those pictures, hope that you can still remember the moment that you have spent with us at UPM. 

                                      Nah, here is another picture of ours at the ladies' night <3

 Now you have moved to a new place. You have to work harder ya friend! Don't always depend on others to wake you up already :p Honestly, I have used to the life to help you charge your phone every morning. Oh  yeah, another thing to mention about, it is time for you to change a new cover for your s3 mini please, the cover that you are using now is too ugly :p 

  The last day that we spent with you before you went to IPG was we were having our dinner at sushi king. Although food at there are so expensive but it is worthwhile for us to spent the last day with you. 

  Maybe  the days at IPG are much relax if compared to UPM. I miss the moment when we went to library to study and always had a cup of cappuccino. Time flies, and now you have left, things that are left behind are just memories between you and me, which was a puzzle that has made up part of my life. 

  Keep moving on my friend, fight for your goal. This is the only my bless to you, gambateh! ;) GOOD LUCK!