Monday, 31 December 2012

last post before 2013

well, i admit that time passes very fast, in a blink of eye.

Soon, i am a 18 years old girl who is waiting for SPM results. Schools are reopened, i hope that i can still continue studying, not because i am hardworking, but staying at home is very bored. Life changed when i had finished my SPM. I stopped tuitioning, going for school's extra classes and etc.

The tuition i like the most is physics. Most of the students went there earlier to book places. Every wednesday, ah bean's dad always fetched us to go to tuition. Time was rush because we were just back from school.We were always sitting at the stairs to wait fro aunty to open the door xD

The tuition i miss the most is chemistry, i neither liked chemistry nor the teacher, but tuesday was the only day which i could hang out with him. I could still clearly remember all those moment that i had spent with him.

Now, he will be studying at INTI. The chances that we can meet each other become less. But, it is okay for us, study is important than everything. As long as we are loving each other, our love will never fade :)

Yesterday was the last day which i hung out with him. Peifong fetched us, we went to cinema to watch The Hobbit. The movie was not nice as i thought but i was happy because i could spent the day with him. He brought a present that he bought from Bali for me.

2012 is a memorable year.
I skipped classes and studied at library with sian jo, huey sha, chin teng, han min, hooi shian,michelle and jia ji. We didn't care about the rules in asma. Form 5 school life had lightened up my life. Although we faced SPM, but we still played around. I miss my school life so much.

i would like to apologize for my teachers such as:
1) Teacher Harum for always sleeping and skipping his classes
2) Chemitry and biology teacher ( i didnt mention their names because i have forgotten their names, i am sorry xD) for not entering their classes
3) History teacher for not doing her homework
4) Math teacher for not paying attention to her lessons

I would like to conclude that I AM A BAD STUDENT. I feel sorry for those teachers who had taught me, hee xD

I hope 2013 is a good year for me :)